Camilla is an Interior Designer specialising in high-end residential properties. Her strengths also extend to commercial property, with projects having included restaurants, beauty salons and working offices.

A resident of UK shores for over 20 years, Camilla has developed a strong passion for the British heritage style and its connections to the Art Deco period. Absorbing traditional fashion and interior design trends, she reinterprets them into the practices and functionality needs of today’s lifestyles. It is Camilla's goal to reach aesthetic and functional beauty, with geometric elegance and wonderful textures. Camilla leads a team of dedicated project managers who keep their eye on the creative ball. They make sure that things happen, schedules are met, and costs are maintained.

Camilla also produces a furniture line which represents a modern version of the heritage Art Deco style. These elegant furniture pieces are designed with practicality of use in mind, including chairs, TV cabinets, tables, consoles and other pieces – all of which are available to buy at our flagship store in Chelsea.