We aim, on every project, large or small, to push at the edges of innovation and creative design. We try to imagine design futures for interior spaces. Others can vouchsafe for our pioneering design adventures, with commissions across the world, in places such as London, Monaco, Marrakesh, Lake de Como, Moscow, Miami and New York. We present concepts in accurate illustrations so that our clients can see their projects develop at every stage. Our goal is to have open and harmonious communication, in order to have easy exchange of ideas with our clients. It is our goal that your home reflects the emotional and aesthetic quality of your personality and style.


    We provide a single point of contact for all areas of project management, from design and concept to completion. We remain focused on budget and costs. Our project managers ensure that costs are precisely managed and adhered to – and this we achieve through careful planning. Our teams ensure that timetables for subcontractors are preserved and that projects run on time. On your behalf we aim to keep tough control over all areas of project management. It is our job to make sure that any ideas and plans we come up with can be executed. We aim to overcome any planning, regulatory or legal obstacles that may put your project at risk.


    We take a rounded, holistic approach to physical space, be that interior or exterior, and then drill down to seek out the finer and more aesthetic qualities. We offer unparalleled experience in working across a range of property types, from new properties to barn conversions to historic and listed properties. Whatever the type of property, we aim always to capture its original spirit, and to recall those architectural references. We work inclusively to enhance space and to create timeless interiors. Every project is a collaborative effort and our clients, alongside our specialist consultants, architects and artisans, arrive at a true representation of the finalised concept.


    At Camilla Crown Designs we work only with the best suppliers of time-tested bespoke and ready made furniture from all over the world. We ensure that we provide first quality classical or contemporary styles to suit your space. We have long-established industry links in order to source beautiful handcrafted items from either the UK, Italy, France, US or any other part of the world. Our suppliers are no less than artists dedicated to their craft, striving always for individuality and timeless beauty. We also provide, if the style is suitable, our very own brands furniture.